What’s hair got to do with enquiry learning?

This morning, I was sent this article about growing up in Ireland with 'unmanageable' Afro hair. It made me sad for the writer, but also hopeful that she eventually gained a healthier perspective on this aspect of her ethnicity. It might seem trivial to focus on such a story when it's about appearance but this … Continue reading What’s hair got to do with enquiry learning?

Diversity in the Classroom

Photo by Ernest Brillo on UnsplashI'm an international school teacher. My specialisms are Humanities, EAL and Digital Literacy. I have huge diversity in the classroom. Great!Here's my conundrum:1 school.1 community of learners.1 dominant teacher nationality.BUT60 student nationalities.1700 unique individuals each with their own complex stories.SOWhat will connect them?Where to begin?Maybe by caring.Maybe by asking questions and listening to the responses.I'm not sure, … Continue reading Diversity in the Classroom